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March 1994

Tranmission with Kate Bathgate Swoles – Nico Intoxication with Frankie D Mix – DJ Crime Mix – DJ Crime Ad for Savage unknown – (has sampled “I need the funk electric”) Dj Maurice unknown unknown “EnjoyYourself” unknown – samples JFK’s “Ich bein ein Berliner” Peter Pussypants The Exodus – Lunatic Asylum (FNAC)

Old School Techno from Adelaide Radio

This is an old tape with a great techno mix from radio in Adelaide. This was  some of the first underground techno that I had heard – I never looked back. I think it’s from 1992, but possibly 1993. A lot was from the Lunacy Show. Some great tracks here, including a rolf harris track […]

Stepping to the AM – PBS Rap II

Some classic tracks from 1992. Get the fist movemement – Get the fist – really sums up all the rage from the LA riots in 1992. This has Krisy from Stepping to the AM with Ransom on the mix.