‘Kate Bathgate’ Archive

Thomas P Heckman

Awesome set on RRR’s tranmission from 1994 when Heckman came out. Apologies for the quality at the very beginning. It degrades a bit later on too. The old Sony tapedeck was a bit dodgy at the time. TheĀ  second track is mad. Don’t know what it is or whether it’s one of his tracks – […]

March 1994

Transmission with Kate Bathgate Pleasure – FSOM Nico – Darkstar Ad Fantasis – Cosmic Baby Cosmic baby Ad Heaven – FSOM Point Break – Sulphurex Unknown Adrian Vaan Ray The Iron Raver – Dj Dick unknown Steve Pollack and Jeff Tyler talking to Kate live from Cosmic Baby at the Palace. Love the comments from […]

Tecnho – March 1994

Nico rocked and he certainly rocked Melbourne. There are a couple of classic Nico tracks on this tape as well as the killer Move by Moby. Clouds – Helium Take Me Up – Southend (Nik Fish Remix) [Volition Records] Move – Moby Oh Yeah – Nico Swells – Nico Unknown All the songs are cut […]

Techno January 1994

Falk from Kiss FM Berlin Marijuana Unknown (unknown) – Ping pong Pleasure – FSOM The Real thing – Tony Di Bart Dreams of heaven – Groundlevel unknown Mad Rod and Liz Millar interlude Sunday Morning – Deep Contest (FNAC) unknown unknown Falk from Kiss FM Berlin – part 2 Fight against the beauty – (xpode […]

Mixed Bag – January 1994

This tape was a bit of a mixed bag. On – Aphex Twin Unknown track mixed by Hess Dreams – Quench Unknown Follow Me – Jam and Spoon House Of Virginism – I’ll Be There For You (Do Ya) Savage ad Unknown Techno2-January1994

Transmission – November/December 1993

This is one of the first tapes I had from Transmission back in November/December 1993. Tracklist: Light my fire – Club House Capella – You got to let the music Mukka – Yurchucked “No More Mind Games” – unknown unknown – could be “The trip..” – (Wicked space track anyway) Richie Rich Pilgrimage to Paradise […]