Wicked set by Dave Angel on Transmission on the opening night of Electric @ Redheads.

You’ll have to help me out with the tracklist.

All I can tell you is the first track is Into the Tunnel by Thomas Bangalter.

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  1. Good Luck

    great blog, are these up for download? can’t figure it out…

    i’ve got a suit case of of Kate’s show on tape… love to share, swap, whatever, cheers

  2. admin

    I’ve slowly begun digitising a box of my old tapes and thought why not share with the world. It’s early days with this and so only a couple of tapes have been digitised and are up online. These will be up for download once I get my stuff sorted (and a new computer) in the coming months. In the mean time check out these – http://melbournetransmission.files.wordpress.com/1993/12/tranmission-november-december-2003.mp3 http://melbournetransmission.files.wordpress.com/1994/01/techno2-january1994.mp3

    Hey have you digitised any of your old tapes?

  3. squared

    Are any more tapes going to be available for download?

    Many thanks

  4. Kon

    Luv this website. Loved listening to transmission back in the day on RRR

    I too had a shit load of recorded tapes but they are all gone somewhere lol

    Anyhow just a big hello from an old skool guy

    Melbourne dance scene rocked hard mid to late ’90s