Absolutely awesome set from the maestro  himeself back in August 1994.

Again not much info on the track listing however:

1. Astral Dreams – Laurnet Garnier
2. Astral Dreams (Carl Cox mix) – Laurnet Garnier
3. Element – Seasons
… help me out here with a bunch of tracks
10. Rawcut – Laurent Garnier

This was my first docks party. I still remember the massive cue running the whole way down the side of Shed 14. There was some booming rumble from the music inside – and you could hear everyone on the way up going woooooooah inside. Everyone outside was itching to get in – and hey I saw my mates near the front of the line and was in soon after that. Amazing night. Jasye Knipe’s set b4 Laurent was great also.

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