Transmission with Kate Bathgate

  1. Pleasure – FSOM
  2. Nico – Darkstar Ad
  3. Fantasis – Cosmic Baby
  4. Cosmic baby Ad
  5. Heaven – FSOM
  6. Point Break – Sulphurex
  7. Unknown

Adrian Vaan Ray

  1. The Iron Raver – Dj Dick
  2. unknown
  3. Steve Pollack and Jeff Tyler talking to Kate live from Cosmic Baby at the Palace. Love the comments from Steve “This is going to be gig of the century” Classic!
  4. Schoneberg – Marmion. The call on Superstition records going to be massive by Adrian was spot on.
  1. Fall – DJ Pierre
  2. Mantra – CJ Bolland (Live at the Universe)
  3. Drax
  4. Unknown
  5. Hess
  6. Unknown
  7. FSOL

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