Wicked set by Dave Angel on Transmission on the opening night of Electric @ Redheads. You’ll have to help me out with the tracklist. All I can tell you is the first track is Into the Tunnel by Thomas Bangalter.

DJ Paul

DJ Paul from Amsterdam rocking gabba mix Detonated by Scott Brown is in the mix

Absolutely awesome set from the maestro¬† himeself back in August 1994. Again not much info on the track listing however: 1. Astral Dreams – Laurnet Garnier 2. Astral Dreams (Carl Cox mix) – Laurnet Garnier 3. Element – Seasons … help me out here with a bunch of tracks 10. Rawcut – Laurent Garnier This […]

Unknown Clearlight – Mystic Force Oliver Lieb unknown Oliver Lieb unknown

Awesome set on RRR’s tranmission from 1994 when Heckman came out. Apologies for the quality at the very beginning. It degrades a bit later on too. The old Sony tapedeck was a bit dodgy at the time. The¬† second track is mad. Don’t know what it is or whether it’s one of his tracks – […]

March 1994

Transmission with Kate Bathgate Pleasure – FSOM Nico – Darkstar Ad Fantasis – Cosmic Baby Cosmic baby Ad Heaven – FSOM Point Break – Sulphurex Unknown Adrian Vaan Ray The Iron Raver – Dj Dick unknown Steve Pollack and Jeff Tyler talking to Kate live from Cosmic Baby at the Palace. Love the comments from […]

Nico rocked and he certainly rocked Melbourne. There are a couple of classic Nico tracks on this tape as well as the killer Move by Moby. Clouds – Helium Take Me Up – Southend (Nik Fish Remix) [Volition Records] Move – Moby Oh Yeah – Nico Swells – Nico Unknown All the songs are cut […]

March 1994

Tranmission with Kate Bathgate Swoles – Nico Intoxication with Frankie D Mix – DJ Crime Mix – DJ Crime Ad for Savage unknown – (has sampled “I need the funk electric”) Dj Maurice unknown unknown “EnjoyYourself” unknown – samples JFK’s “Ich bein ein Berliner” Peter Pussypants The Exodus – Lunatic Asylum (FNAC)

Falk from Kiss FM Berlin Marijuana Unknown (unknown) – Ping pong Pleasure – FSOM The Real thing – Tony Di Bart Dreams of heaven – Groundlevel unknown Mad Rod and Liz Millar interlude Sunday Morning – Deep Contest (FNAC) unknown unknown Falk from Kiss FM Berlin – part 2 Fight against the beauty – (xpode […]

This tape was a bit of a mixed bag. On – Aphex Twin Unknown track mixed by Hess Dreams – Quench Unknown Follow Me – Jam and Spoon House Of Virginism – I’ll Be There For You (Do Ya) Savage ad Unknown Techno2-January1994